Software managed services executed by high performance teams

End-to-End Technology Solutions

Screened by our team, your project will feature high-performance professionals well aligned with your values and your culture. In this customized process, we allocate industry-specific experienced talents to the set of skills your project requires. With Two decades of experience delivering worldwide digital transformation we integrate and nurture your product with all our expertise.


Advantages of A-Team

Our team is experienced and has a diverse repertoire of talents that, when combined, produces an incredible mix of results for your project. Composed by employees with various levels of seniority, we provide a different delivery view that makes sure your project is delivered in the best way possible. We are a multidisciplinary team, trained and focused on understanding the business of each client to build solutions for any type of market segment.

Benefits of A-Team

  • Autonomous managed team.
  • Faster execution.
  • Agility in planning and developing digital products.
  • Fully engaged professionals.
  • Expertise on your segment.
  • Similar time zones and working hours.
  • In-person meetings and on-site team collaboration with direct, overnight flights.

Where do the teams come from?

A-Team consists of an expert independent team, trained and fully managed by Luby that is capable of rapidly and efficiently delivering solutions and value to the project. We are glad to say that we have a team of RockStar engineers working providing the requirements of our client’s projects.

What is the Team structure?

When you hire an A-Team from Luby's talent pool, you are suited with an autonomously-managed team of engineers that will take care of your project. That requires a full structure according to what's needed for the product materialization.

Ready to jump-start your project?

At Luby your product can go along a full cicle development, according to your project´s necessities or customized suiting the project specific requirements, architecture, system analysis and deployment that is required.