The beginning

Our company started in 2002 with a focus on CMS systems development.


We soon defined ourselves as a factory of digital solutions, solving the gap between business and technology at a time when agile paradigms did not yet exist.


We created the 1º e-commerce

of online customization of t-shirts from Brazil, we have become experts in software development and since then, we have grown and specialized in digital services for various segments.
Today we are more than 100 employees with the most varied skills necessary for your success and your scale.
We are driven by the feeling of transformation, agility, change and restlessness.
We always seek to realize dreams, make them real and deliver them with mastery! We understand that technology is nothing without understanding the human factor and the reality of each business.

What we value

indivíduos e interações

Individuals and interactions

More than processes and tools.


More than negotiating contracts with customers.

Working software

More than comprehensive documentation


More than following a plan

A team of experts

Our team has experience and a very varied repertoire of talents that, when combined, produce an explosive mix of results for your project. It is composed of employees with various levels of seniority to make your project possible.

We are a multidisciplinary team, trained and focused on understanding the business of each client to build solutions for any type of market segment.

All Luby professionals are trained and work with an agile methodology, which came to solve the way we develop complex projects, without waste and within the desired deadline. SCRUM solves difficulties such as lack of planning, constant change in requirements, poorly defined scope and challenges in communication common in technology projects.


Sales team

It is formed by professionals with a technical-consultative profile, trained to analyze business and with extensive market experience, coming from a requirements analysis area.

In practice: we identify the problem and the business opportunity to, from there, develop a software solution, taking into account: cost x benefit (real value of the features), type of business and its objectives.

Product Owner (PO) and Business Analysts

Our team uses the Scrum methodology to define stories (business demands translated into functionalities) and prioritize the demands of a product or project. PO’s are responsible for maintaining the conceptual integrity of new features, bugs or improvements, so that they follow a defined vision for the product or project. In addition, they also value the final quality of deliveries.

They play an important role in shaping viable ideas, together with the UX and UI team, to identify the problem and types of actors within the project, as well as the journey and the minimum viable view of the product as a whole.

Designers UX / UI

Qualified professionals with extensive experience in Design and User Experience, with the mission of making tangible the experience that the end user will have, combining good design practices, experience and comfort to offer the best digital solutions and, as a consequence, the result expected by business.

Software architects

All Luby projects are based, since their conception in the aspects of infrastructure, better tools for deliveries with more quality, safety, scalability, maintainability and agility, following an automated development mat.

For this, we have a team of Architects with the mission of preparing our projects for a scalability scenario so that the objectives / goals are met.


It consists of a team focused on the effective development of the idealized product or system.

Our teams are organized in the form of Squads (teams of developers of complementary skills and horizontal management). We use best code development and productivity practices

QA – Quality Assurance (QA)

We seek to ensure that the product is delivered respecting the qualities desired by the customer. This prevents the user from receiving an item with problems and errors in its execution.

It is a process that works in parallel with software development. It focuses on improving the software development process, so that problems can be avoided before they become a major problem. Our QA team operates throughout the software life cycle.

Companies that trust in our work