Development as a Service – Team as a Service

Development as a Service – Team as a Service


Many companies are using the Development as a Service scenario, where they hire professionals from other companies for specific projects and implementations, guaranteeing the security and quality of delivery compared to hiring professional freelancers in the market.

When to hire a team as a service?

If you do not have time to form the necessary team for your need.

If you need specific skills that your team does not have.

When your business is growing fast.

If you have a limited budget to expand your IT team.

If new projects and integrations continue to grow beyond the capacity and size of its internal team.

Hiring and replacing development teams has become a pain for your business.

What is included in the squad as a service and how to benefit from the model?

We put at your disposal a remote team of software developers or even isolated specialists, who meet your needs and work on your projects as an extension of your own team. Our typical team as a service profile is:

1 project manager / requirements analyst

3 to 5 developers at different seniority levels with back, front, mobile, and full-stack profiles.

1 Tester / QA

You will have guaranteed team dedication and guaranteed access (video/audio/screen sharing) to him during the defined working hours. You can also audit the activities, commits, and hours worked in our own timesheet system in a 100% transparent way.

You focus on the business, product, and strategic activities and we take care and scale up the project development teams.

Squad as a service can help you design and specify your product and backlog.

Reduce the risk of hiring and loss of talent (all problems related to the team are our responsibility).

It increases the speed of hiring, so you can start and deliver your projects on time.

All of this is on us

Selection of people according to their needs, interviews, tests of skills.

Administrative and operational management.

Software licenses and equipment.

Configuration and maintenance of security and high protection of intellectual property.

HR support for your team (adaptation, motivation, team building and climate research).

Standardization and code productivity management.

Outsourcing engagement models

Outsourcing software development is a major success factor for many companies. Some companies need evolution and support, while others need to develop original products from scratch. We work with all types of customers, using the engagement model appropriate to their needs. We dominate varied industries and business models. We go beyond the code, we look at the business too.

If your company’s internal resources are not enough, Luby brings new dimensions of efficiency. Meet our models or some combination of them, depending on the phase and needs of your project.

Closed scope, term and amount

Customers choose this model when the scope and specification of the project are clear, detailed and have defined needs and deadlines. Based on the requirements document that the client provides us or that we build for them, we work to achieve the specified objectives. The value of the entire project is agreed, as well as its milestones. If your requirements are clear and established, you can choose this model and guarantee delivery on time and on budget.

High-level open scope

When the specification and scope of the project are defined at a high level and involve variations, we usually offer the Time & Material model. It allows the customer to change the team size, project schedule and resources during the project. As projects generally grow during requirements analysis and even during development, requiring additional features and resources, the project in this model is charged per hour and measured monthly.

Other advantages

Budget saving

Time saving


Talents variety and quality