Nearshore Software Development

Nearshore Software Development

End-to-end outsourcing solutions for your digital products

Top-notch Nearshore Solutions

Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing services is an insightful process that lays the foundation of efficiently recruiting and allocating highly-qualified professionals and integrating them in existing technical teams. It allows businesses to develop top-notch software products while acquiring hand-picked candidates to deliver the required expertise by the project.
Our talent acquisition consists of candidates that have already been deemed classified for particular positions and are globally qualified with skills and expertise in alignment with the company’s competencies and values.
Luby values ​​the journey of selected talents, and we closely follow their performance and evolution, always adding value and providing opportunities for technological and personal development.


Advantages of Nearshore
Software Development

Software Nearshore Development enables the acceleration of your products with the integration of qualified professionals to embark on your project.

The selection of the ideal candidate suits the culture and company methodologies while working effortlessly in real time digital communication as all of the U.S., also making in-person meetings possible with the facility of overnight flights. With fully English proficient professionals chosen by a highly detailed talent pool your company seamlessly extends the development skill set to suit it´s needs and scale.

Benefits of Nearshore Software Development

  • Professionals selected according to culture and company methodologies.
  • Effortless, real time digital communication.
  • Saving rates up to 60% when compared with the equivalent US talents.
  • Highly skilled talent pool coming from local top tier tech universities.
  • Similar time zones and working hours.
  • In-person meetings and on-site team collaboration with direct, overnight flights.
  • Extended development skill set and scalable team to attend all your needs.

Why partner up with Luby?

Our Westernized business culture and values are pursued with freedom and responsibility while manifesting ambition and open mind on a common goal; directly reflecting on a great workplace.

Partening Requirements

Partners that hire Luby's Nearshore Software Development outsourcing services, are ready to manage expert engineers and provide them with reliable technologies and solutions. The workflow is fully transparent and on top of that we provide access to 20-years of technical maturity in various segments and closely monitor the hired professionals, making sure they are in alignment with the company's strategy.

Ready to jump-start your project?

At Luby your product can go along a full cicle development, according to your project´s necessities or customized suiting the project specific requirements, architecture, system analysis and deployment that is required.