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You imagine, we create.

Our goal goes beyond being a software factory

We see ourselves as a strategic partner because our mission is to co-create successful digital products that really solve real-world problems.
We do this with dedication and love in making your dream come true!

We are a factory of dreams that come true, creating relationships of trust and long-term partnerships with our customers and employees. We develop complete solutions involving, among others,
the web, mobile, APIs, diverse integrations and IOTs.

Our Squads are multidisciplinary teams, with agile practices and expertise in development, design, requirements analysis and team management, in the Scrum model. These teams are able to create digital web and mobile solutions.

Scrum Method
Divided into Sprints (cycles of 1, 2, 3 or even 4 weeks), the process represents the construction of the Backlog (Description of features to be developed according to the business priority). The goal is to provide software in full operation at each cycle.

2 – 2

Our team has expertise in UX and UI, being able to develop, together with the customer, solutions from scratch – from product design to the final and complete product of full-stack software.

Design Sprint

The methodology uses five steps, which are divided into exactly five days, to conceive an idea into something tangible and testable. Before moving on to the five steps, it is necessary to define the problem or challenge to be solved.


Luby is a long-term partner. Therefore, we serve our clients beyond the project, also acting on long-term support. This is possible through monthly packages of hours and allocation of teams and dedicated or semi-dedicated professionals in the most varied technologies.

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hire us

The closed scope, although less flexible, is the most adopted approach in corporate projects. The entire execution schedule, as well as partial and final deliveries are planned a priori. This approach aims to reduce risks and provide greater security to the customer, since everything is planned in advance and structured. On the other hand, the possibility of changing course, although possible, is less.

Suitable for customers with little technical knowledge and richness of details. The closed scope can be brought by the client or originated from a Planning and Design Strategy process with Luby.

In the open scope the main characteristic is to act as an extension of your team in a dynamic way to the extreme. Squad defines with the client the objectives and palpable deliveries of the project each period, usually two weeks.

This is a trend in the segment given that, in this model, the time to market is served with more dynamism. This model requires, however, much greater prioritization and detailing, from those who demand it, since the documentation is not so extensive.
Luby, within this model, has its own Timesheet system that allows the customer to be monitored in real time with transparency.

We operate in the form of teams or dedicated or semi-dedicated professionals. Also with hour packs for different skills.

Hiring software development is a delicate mission and we understand that the customer, mainly unaware of the technology, needs to be protected at this time.

For this purpose, we work with pre-project hour packages. In this way, we were able to transform an idea into palpable and validable artifacts before measuring the development effort.

This is a critical work on the part of our analysis and UX team in which we identify actors and their journeys, detail features with priority for an MVP and prototype the main flows.

Once this work is done, we can create a strategy with the client, estimating the effort and bringing the highest value in the shortest time possible. This makes all the difference in the success of the project and in the expectation of our client.