Our Solutions

You imagine, we create.

Our goal goes beyond being a software house

We see ourselves as a strategic partner because our mission is to co-create successful digital products that genuinely solve real-world problems.

We do this with love and dedication to make your dream come true!

We are a factory of dreams that come true, creating relationships of trust and long-term partnerships with our customers and employees. We develop complete solutions involving, among others,
the web, mobile, APIs, diverse integrations and IOTs.

Our Squads are multidisciplinary teams, with agile practices and expertise in development, design, requirements analysis and team management, in the Scrum model. These teams are able to create digital solutions for the web and mobile.

Scrum Method
Divided into Sprints (cycles of 1, 2, 3 or even 4 weeks), the process represents the construction of the Backlog (Description of features to be developed according to the business priority). The goal is to provide software in full operation at each cycle.

2 – 2

Our team has expertise in UX and UI and is able to develop, alongside the customer, solutions from scratch that go from product design to the final and complete product of full-stack software.

Design Sprint

With the business problem or challenge defined, this methodology will go through five steps, which are divided into exactly five days, and conceive an idea that will turn into something tangible and testable.


Luby is a long-term partner. Therefore, we serve our clients beyond the project, acting on continuous support.

This is possible through monthly packages of hours and allocation of teams formed by dedicated or semi-dedicated professionals, who are specialized in the most diversified technologies.

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Our Strengths

Agility in Development

We know how important it is to get the timing of a software project right, that's why we work with agile methodologies and multidisciplinary teams.

Experience and Knowledge

Throughout our history we have worked with several segments and developed the necessary know-how to work on the most diversified projects.

Quality and High Performance

Qualified team with 100% dedication to the business, involving the right people and the best technologies available.