Tech Talent Allocation

Tech Talent Allocation

Successfully Allocating Work Across Your Team

Top-notch Software Products and Hand-picked Talents

Our talent acquisition consists of candidates that have already been deemed classified for particular positions and are globally qualified with skills and expertise in alignment with the company’s competencies and values. 

We provide access to 20-years of technical maturity in various segments and closely monitor the hired professionals, making sure they are in  alignment with the company’s strategy.


What is Tech Talent Allocation?

The Tech Talent Allocation is a vital long-term strategy to ensure that your organization is matched with the best talents. Each of Luby´s candidates are hand-picked according to their technical expertise, potential roles they could fill, how well they fit within the corporate culture, and so forth.
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Advantages of Tech Talent Allocation

This is a customized process where Luby selects talents that are highly compliant with your project, culture, and methodology. We follow strict quality standards, aiming at technical and cultural adherence between candidates and organizations.

After the talent engagement, we maintain a close relationship with the selected professionals to make sure they continue performing according to the client’s expectations.

In addition, the Talent Tech Allocation provides easy hiring, ramping up the client’s project.

Benefits of Tech Talent Allocation

  • Professionals selected according to culture and company methodologies.
  • Effortless, real time digital communication.
  • Saving rates up to 60% when compared with the equivalent US talents.
  • Highly skilled talent pool coming from local top tier tech universities.
  • Similar time zones and working hours.
  • In-person meetings and on-site team collaboration with direct, overnight flights.
  • Extended development skill set and scalable team to attend all your needs.

Why partner up with Luby?

Tech Talent Allocation enables the acceleration of your products with the integration of qualified professionals to embark on your project.
The selection of the ideal candidate suits the culture and company methodologies while working effortlessly in real time digital communication as all of the U.S., also making in-person meetings possible with the facility of overnight flights. With fully English proficient professionals chosen by a highly detailed talent pool your company seamlessly extends the development skill set to suit its needs and scale.

Ready to jump-start your project?

At Luby your product can go along a full cicle development, according to your project´s necessities or customized suiting the project specific requirements, architecture, system analysis and deployment that is required.